About The Speaker

Dr. Arianit Kurti works as an associate professor at the Department of Computer science and Media Technology and is also a Head of the Informatics Department at Linnaeus University. Dr. Kurti has more than 15 years of international academic working experiences that includes among other universities in Sweden, Kosovo, and Macedonia. Beside this, Dr. Kurti has a four-year research leadership experience working as a studio director of RISE Research Institutes of Sweden in Norrköping.

Dr. Kurti has a strong applied research interest on interactive and visual computing and its applicability across different application domains. The guiding research challenge that he has been investigated is related to the finding the most optimal approaches and methods for reaching sustainable digitalization using interactive and visual computing. Key highlights of his work among others include: a) research collaboration with Siemens for establishing a digital twin for their gas turbines for optimizing the design process of new turbines, b) applying user perspective rendering for improving visibility and ergonomic issues for forklifts drivers in cooperation with Toyota Material Handling, c) the use of interactive and visual computing approaches for increasing the efficiency of the tissue sample preparation in a digital pathology process together with Linköping University Hospital and Sectra. Throughout his research and academic career, Dr. Kurti has participated and coordinated academic and research projects totalling 5 mil. € funded through, among others: EU EACEA, EU H2020, Swedish Knowledge Foundation, Swedish Innovation Agency (Vinnova), Wallenberg Foundation, Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development (FORMAS) etc.

Dr. Kurti has an extensive list of publications with more the 65 peer reviewed scientific publications (journals, book chapters, conference publications and books). During the academic year Dr. Kurti serves as a program committee member of 4-5 international conferences, serves in the editorial board of the journals, and gives invited talks and presentations both in academic and industrial settings.